As the PUBG Continental Series (PCS) Charity Showdown comes to a close across Asia, APAC, North America, and Europe, we wanted to take this moment and thank all of our fans, players, and teams for helping us create a strong start to the 2020 PUBG Esports’ competitive calendar.

Four teams reigned supreme, with DivisionX Gaming (APAC), Tianba Gaming(ASIA), Oath Gaming (North America), and Northern Lights (Europe) taking the crown in their respective territories. In addition to their own winnings, a promised donation of $400,000 USD will be split evenly and given to each winning teams’ charity of choice to aid in COVID-19 relief. Additional donations from our amazing PUBG Esports fans will also be donated along with this. We will provide the result of donations with the upcoming announcement.

As previously announced, fans can look forward to two additional PCS tournaments held across Asia, APAC, North American, and Europe. Today, we’re happy to reveal that the names for these upcoming events are PUBG Continental Series 1 (PCS 1) and PUBG Continental Series 2 (PCS 2). For more details around the both PCS events, please find more details below.

PCS 1 and PCS 2 Overview:

PUBG Esports fans can set their dates and look forward to PCS 1 in June and PCS 2 in August. Just like the PCS Charity Showdown, PCS 1 and PCS 2 will be held across four different regions: APAC, Asia, North America, and Europe. Each of the tournaments will be conducted using with the same overall format and ruleset.

  • Participating Teams: Each regional event will feature a total of 16 participating teams, all of which must secure seeds through their regional qualifiers. For more detailed information around the regional qualifiers, please refer to each region’s announcement. 
  • Tournament Operation: Fans can look forward to four days of intense competition over the course of two weeks. Each day will feature five matches across Erangel and Miramar.
  • Prize Money: Players will be battling it out for their share of each regional event’s $200,000 USD prize pool. The stakes will grow even higher as the Pick’Em Challenge returns. Taking the framework of the Pick’Em Challenge from last year’s PUBG Global Championship 2019 (PGC 2019), we look to offer another way to provide more loot for our participating teams and fans.

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